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Recycling for Climate Resilience

A Sustainable Approach to Tackling Climate Change Climate change has intensified extreme weather events globally, including increased precipitation and flooding

Waste management practices

Dubai Winter & Recycling

The winter season in Dubai transforms the city into a haven of mild temperatures and pleasant weather, offering a welcome

ITAD management at Madenat Recycling

ITAD in UAE: E-Waste Reduction

ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) management plays a crucial role in e-waste reduction and resource conservation in the UAE (United Arab

fluorescent bulb disposal

Fluorescent Bulb Disposal In Dubai

Lamps are the biggest commodity in any residential or commercial building. Disposing of and recycling lamps, particularly fluorescent lamps, compact

Planet Earth Without Recycling

If people stop recycling, several negative consequences could occur. Below are a few of them. Increased waste: Recycling helps reduce

Steps To Conduct Office Recycling Audit

Conduct a thorough recycling audit at your offices or commercial places. A regular recycling audit helps corporates generate required reports to adhere to government policies. Contact Madenat Recycling to simplify your recycling audit and process.

Sustainable ways to celebrate Ramadan

Green Ways To Celebrate Eid!

Celebrating Ramadan in an eco-friendly way is not only good for the environment but also helps us to appreciate and respect the blessings that nature has given us. By making simple changes in our daily habits, we can make a big impact on the environment and create a more sustainable world for future generations.

How To Recycle Right?

Has it ever happened to you that you collected many recyclable items & took them to a recycling facility only to find out it was all perfect for a trash can? However noble your intentions may be, but if you cannot execute them in the right manner, no one will benefit from it… not you, nor your community, and definitely not the environment. It is very important to understand HOW to collect recyclables. Let us help you with some tips below.

Summer Care Routine for Electronics

Middle East is known for its scorching heat in the peak summer months. There is over 13 hours of direct sunlight and the mercury soars even higher than 45C. But we all have adjusted to the climate and don’t let it affect our daily life. But have we done the same for all the electronics we are surrounded with? May be not. So today, let us look at a few things we should be doing to maintain a good summer care routine for our devices

Environment Day’s #OneGreenHabit

World Environment Day is an initiative of United Nations to create awareness and inspire actions for environment protection. Since 1974, the world is been celebrating Environment Day on June 5th, every year. As a responsible recycler, Madenat Recycling celebrates environment day all year long through its actions. So on this special occasion we are encouraging others to contribute in environment sustainability through our campaign, #OneGreenHabit!

Earth Day Every Day!

As a responsible recycler, we celebrate Earth Day everyday. But on the occasion we would like to provide you with

How To Stop Holiday Waste?

Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, there is a minimum of 25% rise in the waste generation. Here are some tips to avoid waste and let the planet also enjoy the season.

5 Global E waste Statistics

We hope that these statistics will give you a better understating of how gigantic this E Waste problem is. We are doing our bit by recycling the e waste in Dubai Municipality approved and environmentally sound manner. But you need to do your bit of handing over the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment to us for certified recycling and not throwing them in the waste bins or giving to the informal or non-approved recyclers.

Blog 1 - Ewaste

What is E-Waste?

You are all reading this blog on either your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. How old is that device? If

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