Recycling is MAGIC

Have you ever watched a magic show? Our favorite act in it is where the magician puts a napkin in his hat and takes out a fluffy rabbit. Doesn’t it amaze us that one thing can turn into something completely different.

Recycling is just like that, you can turn your recyclable waste into valuable metals, glass, plastic, paper and so on. Imagine if instead of putting the napkin in that hat, he would have just thrown it away… there was no chance of seeing that beautiful rabbit, right? Similarly, if you do not mindfully put your waste to recycling, you cannot keep the environment so beautiful.

To elaborate it further, let us give you a few examples of what E-waste and universal waste can be turned into,

Old electronics (IT items) and electrical equipment – Electrical equipment and unwanted electronic items are mostly made of cables, batteries, mercury and most importantly, metals. These precious metals can be extracted and reused. If we do not, we might run out them in this century itself. So,
nothing will be left for our future generations.

Cables – Cables are made of metals like copper, aluminum, steel and then covered with plastic. The beauty of it is you can extract both elements by recycling. They can then be sent to manufacturers for further processing to make brand new items.

Light bulb – One small zero bulb is made up of glass, plastic, metal and most of all mercury. Mercury is hazardous and not environmentally friendly if not properly handled. But If recycled, it becomes valuable and could be used again to make more mercury containing devices like lighting systems (chandelier,
fluorescent bulbs), thermometers and other scientific instruments.

Batteries – We all know that dead batteries kept for too long can emit various chemicals that are dangerous to our health as well as to our environment as a whole. By recycling our unwanted batteries, we do not only save ourselves from these hazardous chemicals, but we can recycle properly and extract other materials such as Lead, metals and plastics for reprocessing and manufacturing of other items.

So now, you can understand why it’s important to properly dispose of our items through recycling instead of just dumping them in the garbage or landfills. Because we can derive valuable and reusable material components which can be used for re-manufacturing of other products thereby giving value to our waste/unwanted items.

So… what are you recycling next?

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