E-waste Management & Recycling 7 Ways

Our life is filled with gadgets right from alarm clock (fine you must be using phone to set alarm, but you know what we mean…). We buy new electronics every now and then but how well do we manage them? If you have doubts on that, below pointers are for you.

1. Do not buy extra electronics

Do not keep more than one electronic that performs the same function. If you are fond of using new gadgets as they launch, make sure you get rid of the old one before buying new. Sell or donate it so someone can use it and it won’t keep lying in your house for ages and get obsolete. So next time when  you see yourself with an extra gadget…You know what to do!

2. Reuse old electronics
There are times when we just cannot sell or donate our old electronics. There are emotions attached with them. Isn’t it? In that case what you can do is, simply reuse them to perform a different function. For example, use your old phone as an alarm clock or GPS device. Come on, use your creativity if you want to keep them.

3. Extend electronics’ life
Rough use makes electronics go unusable early. You need to clean them often. If dust settles and thickens on electronics, it can block essential parts and stop the working. To save them from dust or breaking, use cases. Also use the electronics as per provided instructions. Overcharging battery, Not turning them off properly can reduce their life.

4. Return to Retailer
Most retailers have a tie-up with recycling companies. They will make sure your electronics do not end up in landfill. You can give them to retailers in a buy back or any other program.

5. Give it to a recycler
Find out a recycler in your locality. You can serve the environment by recycling the electronics yourself. You can also get a recycling certificate which is beneficial in multiple ways.

6. Create community E Waste bin
You are not alone. Gather your community’s electronic waste so you can give it to the retailer or the recycler in a bulk. This way you not only serve your community but the environment and ultimately humanity. Wow! That is some achievement. Isn’t it?

7. NEVER EVER throw E waste in landfill
Electronics are made of metals, plastic, glass, chemicals and more. If we just burn them in the landfill, toxic and hazardous chemicals release, precious metals which take years and years to generate in the earth go waste ultimately harming the earth and its living beings. So, when you throw just one phone in the garbage bin, you are endangering lives of millions. We hope you will follow these ways to save yourself and generations to come.

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