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This Christmas Will Be Greener with Madenat’s Recycling Services

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, filled with the magic of lights, the warmth of family, and the joy of giving. As we prepare our homes and surroundings to celebrate the festive season, it is important to be kind to our planet too. Embracing sustainability during this festive time is not only a gift to the Earth but also a meaningful way to spread joy and love. This Christmas, let’s embark on a journey of sustainability by embracing Madenat’s battery, e-waste, and lamp recycling services!

Battery Recycling:

Batteries are the unsung heroes of our holiday season. They power everything from twinkling tree lights to the toys Santa brings for the little ones. Yet, once they’ve given us their all, they often end up forgotten in drawers or tossed into the trash. But this year, let’s make a change.

Battery recycling ensures that these little powerhouses are disposed of safely and sustainably. By dropping off your used batteries at Madenat’s recycling facility, you’re preventing toxic materials from seeping into the environment. Even better, we recover valuable resources through recycling, reducing the need for new materials. So, keep the holiday spirit alive and give your batteries a second life this holiday season!

E-Waste Recycling:

Festivals often bring new electronic treasures into our homes, from the latest smartphones to sparkling gadgets. However, what happens to the old devices that have served us faithfully but are no longer needed? Don’t let them gather dust in the attic or clutter up your drawers.

Our e-waste recycling services are the perfect solution. Bring us your old electronics, and we’ll ensure they are properly recycled or refurbished. It’s a way to embrace the holiday spirit of renewal while preventing toxic e-waste from harming the environment. Make room for your new tech and give the old gadgets a chance to shine once more.

Lamp Recycling:

As you prepare to light up your Christmas tree and decorate your home with enchanting lights, remember that the holiday glow doesn’t last forever. Burnt-out bulbs and spent lamps need a new home where they can be recycled safely. Traditional bulbs contain hazardous materials that can pose a risk to the environment if not disposed of correctly.

This Christmas, consider recycling your old and non-working lamps. Our lamp recycling services provide convenient pick up from your location option across UAE for you to responsibly dispose of your lighting equipment. By doing so, you not only protect the planet from toxic waste but also contribute to the sustainable use of valuable resources.


Let’s celebrate a sustainable Christmas and make cherished memories that last not just for a season, but for generations to come.

This festive season, let’s make it one to remember, not just for the joy we bring to our loved ones but for the positive impact we make on the planet. By embracing Madenat’s battery, e-waste, and lamp recycling services, you can be a part of a more sustainable holiday celebration.

As we dream of a white Christmas, let’s also dream of a green one. Together, we can reduce our environmental footprint and ensure that our holiday festivities are not only filled with love and joy but also with responsible choices that benefit the Earth. Make your Christmas merrier and the world greener by recycling this festive season!

5 Global E waste Statistics

We threw away a lot of money by dumping the E waste last year. Do you want to know how much money? Let us tell you the exact figures.

  • 53.6 Million ton of E waste was generated just in the year of 2019 by us all.

Asia generated the highest quantity of E waste, and to add to that, United Arab Emirates was one of the higher E waste generator countries in the continent. But that is no surprise. Our better economy is leading to a higher living standard which encourages additional use of electrical and electronic equipment. So much so, that they have now become indispensable to our lifestyle. There is nothing wrong in the excess usage of electronics, but once they are out of use, we need to dispose them off the right way.

  • Only 17.4% of the total E waste generated was recycled, leaving 44.3 Million ton of the E Waste unattended to harm the environment.

Since most e waste isn’t documented well, we can assume that it got mixed with other waste streams such as plastic or metal waste. Even though those streams may have been recycled, recovery of all valuable material isn’t possible through those. Hence it is not a preferred recycling for E Waste.

  • Approximately 47 Billion USD worth Iron, Copper, Gold was wasted in the non-recycled Electronic waste

E waste is an urban mine. We can extract the ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals from the electronics and reuse them in the manufacturing. But instead, we are throwing those and extracting new from the ores emptying natural resources. If we reuse the metals from E waste recycling it will positively impact the global economy as well as the planet.

  • 98 Million Ton of CO2 equivalent was released in the atmosphere from the poorly managed E Waste

Temperature exchange equipment such as refrigerators, Air conditioners may contain greenhouse gases. Since those were not handled properly, it has contributed to global warming with massive amount of CO2 equivalents releasing in the environment. If we handle the electronics in an environmentally sound manner, we can also control global warming to a certain level.

  • By 2030 we will generate double the amount of E Waste

If we do not learn to recycle now, we are going to be in a BIG trouble by 2030. The estimated E waste generation per person is going to be 9 Kgs per year. Hence the total amount of E waste generation in 2030 will be double than what we generated in 2014. We are doubling the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in just 16 year but recycling rate is not increasing in the needed pace. So now we need to be more responsible and recycle as much E waste as we can to be able to provide a better environment to our kids and future generations.

We hope that these statistics will give you a better understating of how gigantic this E Waste problem is. We are doing our bit by recycling the e waste in Dubai Municipality approved and environmentally sound manner. But you need to do your bit of handing over the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment to us for certified recycling and not throwing them in the waste bins or giving to the informal or non-approved recyclers.

Blog 1 - Ewaste

What is E-Waste?

You are all reading this blog on either your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. How old is that device? If it is newly bought, what did you do with the old one? If it is old, how are you planning to discard it once it stops working?

We all stop using our favourite electronics for multiple reasons. Below are a few of them,

  • They just stop working
  • Not compatible with the latest technology
  • New version of the same device is now available with better features
  • Broken screen or hardware

Whichever is your reason to discard your old electronics, you are contributing to E-waste. We all are generating e-waste… and on a very large scale…that too every day! This e waste or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) as it is rightly called, is a highly varied stream of hazardous waste. You are committing an environmental crime if you do not dispose it right. Let us tell you how.

Our electronics are made of various toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials. When it turns into E-waste and burnt, or left unattended, these chemicals can release in land, water and air.

Electrical waste include, but not limited to:

  • IT and telecommunication equipment (mobile phones, printers etc).
  • Temperature exchange equipment (air conditioners, freezers etc)
  • Screens, monitors (TV, laptops etc)
  • Lamps (LED, CFL etc)
  • Large equipment (washing machines, electric stoves etc)
  • Small equipment (microwave, electric shaver etc)


So to say, every second thing around us has the potential to turn into E waste. What can we do with it then? The answer is strong and simple…Recycle!

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