Lithium-ion Battery Recycling

Batteries come in various shapes and sizes, but most contain hazardous materials that make them dangerous if they are not properly disposed of. Batteries could contain many different components that are considered toxic. Recycling batteries ensures that harmful elements are removed, resulting in a safer workplace and a healthier environment.


Madenat Recycling is proud to be the first in the GCC region to introduce lithium-ion battery recycling. We are committed to advancing sustainable practices through our innovative lithium-ion battery recycling process. We aim to recover valuable materials like copper, aluminum, and black mass from used batteries while minimizing environmental impact. Here's an overview of our specialized recycling process:

Battery Collection and Sorting

Battery Discharge


Extraction of Copper and Aluminum

Recovery of Black Mass

Quality Control and Compliance

We accept a wide range of lithium-ion batteries, including those from:

Smartphones and laptops

Electric vehicles

Power tools

Portable electronics

Renewable energy systems


Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd)

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Alkaline & Carbon Zinc

Mercury Cell (Small Dry Cell Batteries)

Choosing our battery recycling service means you're actively participating in resource conservation and environmental protection.

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