To remarket and replace IT equipment is not as simple as you think as many considerations will require a planned strategy ahead of time. Some considerations will be environmental hazards, logistics, and confidential devices data which can, fortunately, be tackled by the comprehensive step by step process for unwanted IT assets called IT Asset Disposition (ITAD).


There is an increasing need to properly wipe all second-hand hard drives before reselling it. Note that confidential information such as credit card and bank information, purchase history, corporate financial data, medical records and more can be retrieved from the drives if they are not properly wiped. Merely deleting all the files stored in a disc or formatting it doesn’t imply that the data cannot be restored. Doing that only changes the data that identifies the location of the files stored on the disk thereby, making them ready for overwriting.

There is no better time than now to retire your IT legacy and you should not just throw it away as destroying IT assets needs careful attention. Working with ITAD process experts like us means you have a partner that guarantees that the old technology you got rid of is never coming back. Generally, you know what to do when employees move on, but what about old tech?

Hanging on to outdated and old IT can be incredibly complicated as the companies that produced them have stopped the system updates which makes it easier for cyber attacks. Fewer people will be familiar with the old systems hence problem resolution will be more complicated to resolve when they happen. With hundreds of gigabytes of files and data stored inside one small little box, simply throwing a laptop in the trash is neither secure nor very environmentally friendly. The only way to ensure that you and the technology you got rid of have truly parted ways is by having and ITAD process.

We are experts at managing the protection, privacy, and security of your organization’s end of life IT assets by moderating the liability exposure affiliated with data security and the environment while maximizing value recovery.  We have a mission to provide our clients with a top-notch IT Asset Disposition and Hardware Maintenance Solutions that are in-line with their needs, internal policies, company size, and requirements.

Madenat can take your old personal media and shred it down to 11mm, ensuring your data can’t be recovered and misused. If your company policy restricts certain data types from leaving your premises, we can wipe/shred the media at your location in a discrete manner. Below is a diagram that shows our processing method.


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