Aerosol Can Recyling

Madenat being an advocate that pressurized can recycling should be included in recycling schemes, recycling is our preferred way to recover the value of empty aerosol cans as they are generally made from steel or aluminum recyclable materials with known market demand.

Although aerosol can contain valuable recyclable metals which are only considered a risk because its contents are held at high pressure, they hold pressurized products that endanger employees of landfills and recycling facilities. The liquids from the can like hairspray, deodorants and more are separated for specialist recovery or recycling.

The recycling process is an automated one that involves nitrogen supply into the system to prevent any explosion or fire, while the aerosol cans are being shredded to separate VOC and liquids from the metal and plastic aerosol cans and VOC captured to carbon bed for further processing. The process will convert hazardous waste into non-hazardous waste with an immediate saving in disposal cost.

We can recycle 100% of all aerosol cans by separating the can, its content, and propellant gas, representing the most advanced aerosol recycling technology. Many aerosol recycling processes merely released the propellant gases to the atmosphere but our innovative solution ensures all harmful gases are captured. Madenat offers the highest levels of materials recovery and the lowest emissions to the environment making our aerosol recycling process and facility the most cost-efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly.

We at Madenat are keen on setting new standards with the industry by delivering significant, cost savings and environmental benefits for our customers and community.  Our state-of-the-art aerosol recycling facility is helping to transform the way aerosols are disposed of in the UAE.


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