Cosmetics and Perfumes Recycling

Madenat Recycling has a unique capability that sets it apart from other recycling firms because we offer comprehensive services to destruct counterfeit, out of stock and expired cosmetics in our facility. The packaging would be recycled accordingly and the liquid contents can be processed into cleaning solutions and/or insecticides through our partners both local and abroad. Madenat Recycling has the infrastructure to destroy and recycle a variety of health and beauty products.

Companies often need to recycle unwanted products due to recall, defective manufacturing, obsolescence or just “forces beyond our control.” Madenat Al Nokhba Recycling LLC has extensive experience (as well as a variety of proprietary processes) dedicated to the destruction and/or recycling of various unwanted products–whether by the truckload or the box load.


Here are just a few of the recycling challenges we’ve handled.

  • Obsolete merchandise materials for beauty products
  • Counterfeit cosmetics, designer shoes/bags & apparels.
  • Faulty hand-held personal hygiene devices.
  • Recalled electronic measuring devices
  • Footwear that was not manufactured to specification.

Our approach and technical expertise have made us the choice of business customers in the UAE.