Cost Effective & Safe Disposal of Mercury Services in Dubai

Mercury is found in many devices critical to business processes. It is highly toxic and requires great care during disposal. Madenat Al Nokhba provides full-service and comprehensive recycling services for all types of mercury-containing devices. Our experience managing recycling programs for this highly regulated substance is unparalleled.

A wide variety of devices and equipment use mercury and must be safely recycled to prevent the release of mercury into the environment.

Madenat Al Nokhba Recycling Services LLC specializes in the safe transportation and recycling of all mercury-bearing devices.  We accept delivery and can arrange proper collection to safeguard everyone involved.

Mercury-containing devices are found in most buildings and should always be removed prior to demolition, or when they are no longer needed. Examples include:

  • Mercury Thermostats
  • Mercury Switches
  • Commercial/Industrial Heating & Cooling Equipment
  • Mercury Flame Sensors
  • Mercury Float Switches
  • Mercury Flow Meters
  • Mercury Manometers/Barometers
  • Mercury Gas Flow Regulators
  • Mercury Thermometers

Keeping mercury out of the environment benefits us all.